So we'll be playing the Legendary Castle February 5th. Cool? Very cool.

Check it the fuck out

We're gonna be playing mainly new stuff. Good new stuff. New stuff that will make you happy. Or angry. OR BOTH.

We'll be recording our LP starting in a week or two. Hopefully we'll have tracks for that up ASAP. You will like them. You will like them OR ELSE.

There's been lots of new stuff happening in our lives. You don't get to know about it. Ladies have to have their secrets, you know.

What else is in store? Who knows. Probably a re-pressing of our demo on tape. Probably a pressing of our live set at CFUV on tape. Probably a tour with Iskra. Probably a lot of things. I will neither confirm nor deny any of it.

Our boys in Sixbrewbantha just put up some new tracks from their upcoming 7" split with Archathagus. Listen to it here.

In the future, man will be dominated by apes. Pure madness.