holy fuck.

LP is out

email noeulogy@gmail.com if you want one.

huge thanks to Black Raven and NOA for helping put out this slab of endless carpathian satanic goat worshiping hatred. Tour with Iskra and Six Brew Bantha was a raging boner of a success, we all did a lot of drugs and met a lot of insanely amazing people who work so hard for DIY culture to stay alive.

Grind The Provinces will rage again and will hit the east coast hopefully next summer, stay tuned.

Jesus Fucking Christ I'm an idiot


This should have been in the earlier post. I blame the weed...oh, what am I saying, I could never blame the weed. I love it too much.

Anyway, Nick (our old bass player) decided to form some poncy throwback screamo band that sounds like Pg. 99 and Circle Takes the Square having a knife fight at an Orchid show. It's pretty fucking awesome, actually. They're called Watcher, and you should go listen to them/pre-order the 7" that Clue #2 records will be putting out very, very soon. You can pre-order the record here.

So Nick went traipsing off to the land of awkward time changes and lyrics about girls that dumped him in fourth grade, and we needed a new bass player. Which is when the Human Beard appeared on our doorstep.

Until now we had only heard rumours of this creature, seen the shaky Handi-Cam footage from '78, spoken to a few old timers out in the north country who swore they'd seen the mythical beast through a haze of moonshine and meth. But we had never believed, not truly anyway, until he knocked on our door and told us he could play bass.

His name is Jeff apparently, and besides having a hirsute chin blessed by the Allfather himself, can play bass like a fucking monster.

He actually has a few other bands that people seem to like (myself included), which can be found here and here.

The bass player is dead; long live the bass player.


Tour dates, LP news, high fives

So, we officially have tour dates. Yes, wonderful tour dates. Get into it.



Thursday, August 18th Victoria
Friday, August 19th Vancouver @ The Chateau
Saturday, August 20th @ Justice Fest, Kamloops
Sunday, August 21st Kelowna
Monday, August 22nd Camping
Tuesday, August 23rd Calgary
Wednesday, August 24th Red Deer/Calgary
Thursday, August 25th Edmonton
Friday, August 26th Saskatoon @ Amigo's
Saturday, August 27th @ Foul Copse Fest , Winnipeg
Sunday, August 28st @ the Death Trap, Winnipeg
Monday, August 29th Camping?
Tuesday, August 30th Saskatoon @ House
Wednesday, August 31st Calgary
Thursday, September 1st Kamloops @ Little Big House
Friday, September 2nd Squamish @ House
Saturday, September 3rd Vancouver @ The Secret Location
Sunday, September 4th Campbell River

As you can see, we have some holes in the tour, but those will be filled I'm sure (okay, I hope). WHATEVER. This is gonna be a rager of a tour, come and say hi to us.

In other news, I'm sure if you're reading this you've noticed we put up some new songs from our upcoming LP. You didn't? FINE, FUCK YOU. But listen to them. Let your friends listen to them. Let your Mom listen to them, then give her my phone number (don't worry, I won't try to replace your Dad).

The excellent Jason Robertson recorded and mixed this mother, and our good buddy Russell White mastered it. Big thanks to both of them, they are excellent dudes who deserve accolades and much more money than we could afford to give them. If you know either of them, buy them a beer.

Finally, some friends of ours down in California just started a new band called Griever. You can listen to their newest tracks here. Listen to them, they are excellent.


Jelly who?

So there are these kids who live in Langley. And they're sweet. And they come to a lot of Victoria shows, which is hard to do when you're 18 and live in Langley. And they started this pop punk band called Jelly Boyz. And they just put out a demo. And this demo is excellent. So...uh...go listen to it.

Yet more videos!

Narrow View - The Legendary Castle - 05.02.2011 from B.S. on Vimeo.

Set Foot - The Legendary Castle - 05.02.2011 from B.S. on Vimeo.

Here's those other sets I promised. Narrow View and Set Foot. They're ragers.

Hard fuckin' Times

No Eulogy - The Legendary Castle - 05.02.2011 from B.S. on Vimeo.

Goddamn last night was a good time. Who knows why. Maybe it was the air. Maybe it was the mystery. Maybe it was the weed. All I know is that we got to play with two of the best bands Vancouver has to offer. This is just our set, once Brydon gets the rest up I'll post them for you to watch.

Narrow View are one of those bands where you listen to their demo and you're all "Shit son, this is sick, lets go watch these motha' fucka's" and then you see them and your brain is blown out the back of your head. Hellacious set, and Mark is a maniac front man. Someone should have made him pick up a mic ages ago.

Set Foot make me happy. Incredibly happy. Not happy like a fat kid eating chocolate, but how I imagine Ted Bundy felt when he realized he could get away with it. If I have any voice loss today it's because I was singing along to every song.

Vancouver was out in force, which I love to see. Got to see some crucial dudes. Also, watching their facial expressions when they saw the Van Isle push-mosh was amazing.

In other good news, we were able to almost-sorta finalize our tour schedule last night. I should be able to post an update for that in a week or two. Or maybe not.

Smoke weed, hail Satan

Updates? Updates!

The LP is coming along nicely. We've got the drum tracks and rhythm guitar laid down, vocals and bass will be done within the week. Reece still needs to record leads and divebombs and feedback. Look for it on (insert label no one has heard of, turns out to be the drummer) sometime this summer.

Our friend Hunter plays in a band called Tongue Tied. They play neat tunes that remind me of being 19. You should check them out. CHECK. THEM. OUT.

We're still playing a show at the Legendary Castle tomorrow. If you know where it is, come out.

So...Egypt, huh?


So we'll be playing the Legendary Castle February 5th. Cool? Very cool.

Check it the fuck out

We're gonna be playing mainly new stuff. Good new stuff. New stuff that will make you happy. Or angry. OR BOTH.

We'll be recording our LP starting in a week or two. Hopefully we'll have tracks for that up ASAP. You will like them. You will like them OR ELSE.

There's been lots of new stuff happening in our lives. You don't get to know about it. Ladies have to have their secrets, you know.

What else is in store? Who knows. Probably a re-pressing of our demo on tape. Probably a pressing of our live set at CFUV on tape. Probably a tour with Iskra. Probably a lot of things. I will neither confirm nor deny any of it.

Our boys in Sixbrewbantha just put up some new tracks from their upcoming 7" split with Archathagus. Listen to it here.

In the future, man will be dominated by apes. Pure madness.