No Eulogy - The Action Index (CFUV 101.9) - 18.11.2010 from VANCOUVER ISLAND HARDCORE on Vimeo.

I'm pretty happy with how the live set on CFUV turned out, despite the insane amount of shit we went through to get there.

We recently purchased a van from a good friend of ours, only to have the first mechanic we took it too refuse to give it more than a cursory once over before declaring it was impossible for it to pass inspection. This left us in a jam for that night, since we now didn't have a street legal vehicle to move gear. We borrowed a friends van and proceeded to fill it to the brim with gear. Which is when the battery dies, and dies but good. So Reece calls his mother (LOLOLOLOLMOM), who drives her car over. We pack IT to the brim and make two trips. Somehow we were only about 15 minutes late, and managed to set up and have sound check finished in record time.

As Reece said, thanks to Troy, Tyler, Brydon and this really patient, nameless sound tech who just kind of stared at us the entire time.

Look out for future shows, new recordings, juicy gossip and general malaise.